Best Convertible Car Seats For Your Little Ones

Best Convertible Car Seats For Your Little Ones

A car seat is an accessory that is a must-have for modern day parents. Everyone owns cars, and to ensure that your children can travel with you safely, a convertible car seat is indeed the first thing on the shopping list.

Rather than getting your hands on a regular car seat, it is highly recommended that you get a convertible one that can serve multiple purposes. Here are a few suggested best convertible car seat options that you should surely have a look at:

Graco Milestone All-in-1:

The Graco Milestone All-in-1 is a car seat that grows along with your child. It can face both towards the rear as well as the front. Therefore as soon as your baby hits the weight mark, you can switch the position of the car seat and use it as required. The car seat is not only convertible, but it is crash tested as well, which means that you can trust it in terms of the safety of your child.

The seat comes with four reclining positions as well. On the one hand, these positions have gained a lot of appreciation from some of the parents there are however a few critiques who wish that the seat must have had some more reclining positions because of its price tag. All in all, it is a good car seat option that is suitable for long term use.

Chicco NextFit Spectrum:

One of the most commendable features that surely make this amongst the best convertible car seats is that it comes with nine reclining positions. A secure harness and padded seats add the guarantee of safety and comfort that parents look for while searching for a convertible car seat.

The frame is strong and sturdy, which holds the seat in place very well. Moreover, the latch connectors are a means of installation that is compatible with a variety of vehicles. Thus this is a car seat that has everything one might look for. The only con is the high price tag value, but it is needless to say that the features are all worth the spending.

Evenflo Triumph LX:

If one is looking for an inexpensive yet best convertible car seat options, Evenflo Triumph LX is undoubtedly the one for you. The seat ensures added safety and security for the child through padded seats. The seats absorb shocks so that the baby can remain comfortable even on longer journeys.

The car seat can be securely latched because into the car and can face both rear as well as the front side. The built-in cup holder can serve as a place for you to place a sipping cup or feeder for your child. The removable head pillow is also an accessory that adds value to the car seat. The only downside of this car seat is the fact that it cannot be used as a stroller so if you purchase this car seat, it is more than likely that you will have to buy a stroller separately.

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