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An interdental brush is a little brush exceptionally intended to clean between your teeth, where an ordinary toothbrush does not reach. Day by day utilization of an interdental brush notwithstanding ordinary toothbrushing, is a simple and proficient approach to keep your gums and teeth crisp and sound.

Pick the correct size

For best outcome, it is critical to pick an interdental brush of the correct size. Regularly, you need more than one brush size and your dental expert can choose the right brush size or sizes for you. In the event that you in any way, shape or form don’t approach a dental expert, attempt tepe pink interdental blend pack to locate a reasonable size.

Utilize your interdental brush once every day, ideally at night and before the mirror. Move the brush tenderly forward and backward a couple of times in each interdental space.Try not to utilize normal toothpaste, since it contains abrasives. You can rather apply TePe Gingival Gel with chlorhexidine and fluoride, which is uncommonly intended for use with an interdental brush.

How would I utilize the interdental brush?

Supplement the brush tenderly between your teeth. Try not to constrain the brush into a space; work it in delicately or pick a littler size.Move the interdental brush full length forward and backward a couple of times.

In the event that you utilize a little interdental brush (pink, orange, red or blue) you may bend the delicate neck somewhat.By adding weight with your finger to make it simpler to reach between the back teeth.

In the event that you utilize an interdental brush of a bigger size, access between the back teeth might be improved on the off chance that you somewhat bend the wire.The interdental brush will last more in the event that you don’t rectify or twist the brush at another point.

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