Linari: We’re making Italy proud of women’s football

Linari: We’re making Italy proud of women’s football

Amid sharing about Persib Field, Aqwam and Kang Novan from Pandit Football Indonesia joined the ngaleut activity . The arrival of Aqwam and Kang Novan was a blessing for this activity, because both of them were experts in football history.

Aqwam tells a new story about this Persib Field. On the eve of Christmas in 1950, a shooting took place in this field which killed 3 Dutch soldiers by Indonesian soldiers. Initially, the Dutch soldiers who had not returned home made a football match to welcome Christmas. When the match took place, several Indonesian soldiers came because they wanted to watch the match.

 Long story short, there was a fight between Indonesian and Dutch soldiers. Indonesian soldiers who were also still filled with revenge due to the APRA massacre came home to retrieve weapons and then there were shootings which killed 3 Dutch soldiers.

Then one participant asked about Indonesia’s participation in the 1938 World Cup to Aqwam. According to Aqwam, Indonesia’s participation in the 1938 World Cup was actually invalid, because at that time the player sent was a player appointed by NIVU. NIVU is an association of Dutch East Indies football, not an Indonesian football association (PSSI).

At this point participants also shared about PSSI and Soeratin. PSSI is a football organization founded by Soeratin as a political movement. I, who were interested in the story behind the end of life, Soeratin asked Aqwam why Soeratin was at the end of his life to live in poverty, even though Soeratin came from a wonderful family. for more info you can check that 먹튀.

According to Aqwam, the cause of Soeratin’s poor life at the end of his life was because after divorcing Raden Sri Wulan, the younger brother of Soetomo, Soeratin married a Dutchman. This triggered the estrangement of relations between Soeratin and his family, and led to the termination of financial support from the family to Soeratin, so Soeratin had to support himself in his old age and his illness.

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