Announcing the Hubs Discord Bot – Mozilla Mixed Reality Blog

First issue first, you would possibly have already used an app known as Discord. It’s an IRC issue used more often than not by means of gamers.

You might had been capable of join groups with a few bots Discord bot them, I don’t want to dig in to deeper stuff on how bots are utilized in an IRC but just consider it as an automation helper tool…. or something like that.

In case you’re like me you may were amazed how bots have been used to do cool automation stuffs (gambling tune, manage easy chat games, and so on.) through chat commands. So i used to be quite curious on how did they make it.

Then after I studies approximately it, then whilst i discovered out the way to create one the use of Node JS (I tremendously require you must have primary expertise with Javascript) and it turned into very easy as pie! allow’s get started lets?


You need to have NodeJS established. hyperlink

You ought to have a text editor installed. (Notepad, chic text, VS Code, Atom, and so forth.)

A Discord account (manifestly…)

GETTING started out

First component first, allow’s create a folder for our mission (it relies upon on you on wherein to place it, it doesn’t be counted) and name we’ll call it for now as“greeter-bot”.

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