Baldness treatment and hair diagnosis Hair Clinic

Baldness treatment and hair diagnosis Hair Clinic

This Tuesday, I tested the hair diagnosis at Norgil . This is the first time I’ve tried such a successful concept and I think those who are wondering about their hair and scalp could be very interested in this article. In addition, for the National Day Against Hair Loss Friday, March 24, 2017, you can enjoy a free hair diagnosis at Norgil . I explain everything!

Care can also soothe a sensitive, itchy scalp. Sebum is the pet peeve of all people. Synonyms of negligence, oily hair should be maintained with mild and non-aggressive products, not to accelerate the production of sebum. It is the same for mixed hair with fat roots and dry ends.

This does not exclude that it can be dry to the touch, and therefore require a nutritious care. If the fiber stretches, you have a slightly sensitized hair, which requires care to strengthen and recreate the cement that binds the scales together. Finally, if the fiber breaks, your hair is very sensitive. In this case it will be necessary to adapt your hair routine to repair the hair in depth.

My appointment lasted an hour and Hanna answered all my questions without concession. When you go to the center for a first assessment, you do not do the whole range of tests possible. We start, we give you a treatment. And then we deepen later if necessary. Know that you can also offer sebumetry, densiometry (count 2 hours), a complete assessment of fall prevention, another dedicated to the correction of baldness and so on … In total, Norgil offers 11 exams.Now take a look at how these features of diagnostic capillaire.

For information, the brand was founded forty years ago and has a little more than 70 expert institutes in France but also other addresses elsewhere in the world. Norgil also has its own range of care products developed by Arlor Natural Scientific Laboratories to which the brand belongs.

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