Earthquake: 5.6 quake rattles Northern California

Earthquake: 5.6 quake rattles Northern California

This symbol of destruction was the church di Maria Santissima del Rosario . The construction was completed in 1872. During the Second World War, valuable relics of St. Agatha from the cathedral in Catania. In 1984, he was severely damaged by the earthquake.

Some repairs were made, but next to it a modern church was built (quite ugly), put into use in 1990. During the earthquake of December 26, 2018 both buildings suffered. Historic will probably need to be undressed. The new one is cracked, but from the outside it does not look tragic. Time will tell if it can be saved?

The shock came after the third night of Christmas, in Christian Sicily. The moment was extremely unpleasant. Instead of enjoying the holidays and the upcoming New Year’s Eve party, people lost their lifetime achievement. They had to leave their apartments and houses. Some also lost their jobs.

This area was considered an area of ​​natural disaster. And as the Sicilian friends told me, despite the awareness of natural hazards in this area, residents do not insure themselves.

 So most of the victims of the cataclysm were homeless. Hope in state aid. At least that no one was killed and there were no people seriously injured. When you fall on the pavement 100 or 200 kilograms of concrete and bricks, you can die.

Public transport in eastern Sicily , especially outside the largest cities, is very limited and low. Unpunctual, and timetables usually have nothing to do with reality, which, in any case, is in vain. The stop itself is often a small plaque hung on a pole with the name of the company supporting the call.For best services you can visit just goto earthquake hazards program.

 They recognized that I was from some service. I looked at what I wanted, photographed and left the enclosed area. When, after waiting for the bus, walking in the dab, I approached the police car, a policeman immediately informed

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