How To Save Money On Cloudways Hosting In 2019?

Premium web hosting can be a little expensive for newbies and students. Because their budget is not sufficient to invest in premium services and products to improve the website. at this point, most people drop the idea of creating a blog.

So how we can save money on premium web hostings like Cloudways. there are many benefits of purchasing the Cloudways hosting because it comes with lots of valuable features and services which cost a dime.

Save Money On Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways hosting is one of the best premium cloud hostings. it is a managed cloud platform which is linked to different cloud services. At the time of setup, you will be asked to choose one of the servers for your website. you can choose anyone from the list of 5 cloud servers.

As you know cloud hosting is a bit expensive so, you may be thinking, Cloudways would be expensive too. But that is not the case with Cloudways. it offers world-class services and features at the cost of cheap web hosting. they have made a combination of both premium yet affordable web hosting for everyone.4

Cloudways helps you to save a lot of money on the hosting plans and offers amazing free features with the plans.

Free Site Migration

Whenever you decide to move your website from other hosting to Cloudways then it can be done very easily. the site migration is offered completely free of cost and they handle all the data and website. after 24 hours your website will be moved safely on Cloudways server.  While in another case you have to pay for the migration fee. but here you can save that money.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is required to check if the connection between server and user is encrypted or not. This makes the data transfer secure from hackers and builds trust on the website. Google search gives priority to those domains who have SSL installed and they rank it higher than those who don’t have.

So, it becomes necessary to install the SSL certificate if you want to build a successful website. but it is expensive if you install from others. However, Cloudways offers built-in SSL certificates for your domain name. the SSL certificate is free for a lifetime and it will save you a lot of money. other than that it will also give a slight SEO boost to your website.

Free Cache Plugins

Cloudways offers free WordPress cache plugins. These plugins are very useful for boosting the performance of the website. the plugin comes pre-installed in the WordPress and it is far better than most of the cache plugins available in the market.

While if you plan to purchase it from plugin repository then it will cost you a dime because it is a premium plugin. so having this plugin is very beneficial for the website growth and it keeps your blog running smooth and fast.


The problem with most web hosting is that they are unable to handle when large traffic is the drive to them. the server goes down and the website becomes unavailable until it gets fixed. So to reduce the traffic load on the main server a simple yet powerful system is used-CDN.  It is a Content Delivery Network designed to boost the global reach and traffic stress.

In the CDN system, multiple servers are connected with the main server and those servers are situated at different locations. When a user request for the data then the main server redirect it to the closer server.  Due to this, the servers don’t have to handle large traffic and the global reach also increases.

CDN system is very expensive to implement on the website. it is used by professional bloggers and companies to boost the website speed.  Cloudways gives you the option to use it for free. they offer a CDN system which you can implement on your website and see how the traffic gets managed. So here you can take advantage of the best service at an affordable price.

Save Money From Cloudways Coupons

Cloudways offers many coupons code for getting great discount deals on the hosting plans. you can easily get some discount deal by using the promo code(coupon code) at the time of purchase.  When you will be checking out then you will get the option to use promo code. With this promo code, you can save a lot of money on the web hosting deal.

Now, let’s know some more about the Cloudways features they offer in their plans. the hosting plans come with many variants. For the beginners, the basic plan is best to get started with.

Cloudways Features Of Basic Hosting Plan

1TB Bandwidth

Cloudways offers 1TB bandwidth and it is more than required for a basic website. large traffic can be easily able to surf the website without getting it down.

25GB SSD Storage Space

A 25GB storage space is provided and that too SSD. SSD drives are very expensive and it makes the performance speed a lot faster and smoother. 25GB storage space will be enough for handling all the required blog data.

Daily Backups

Cloudways automatically do the backup of your website daily on a different server. So that in case of data corruption the website can be restored to its original version. it is a great feature to keep the website data safe.

Dedicated Firewalls

Cloudways thinks about user’s security. So they offer a dedicated firewall to safeguard from unknown sources. The firewalls will keep your website safe from hackers and will protect the server.

Auto-Healing Server

The Cloudways servers are designed to auto-heal themselves and will not bother you to leave your work and try to fix the issues. The server will detect for any issues present and then they will automatically start the repairing process. this makes sure the blog will not get down due to server errors and keep the users active on the website.

So, now you can see that with Cloudways you can save a lot of money and build a successful website.

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