Making Money Online: Not Nonsense! 35 Actual Method

Making Money Online: Not Nonsense! 35 Actual Method

I know that you have heard, watched or read a lot of advertisements, articles and rumors about making money online .

And I’m sure you’ve also noticed that all the articles and videos written and talked about how to make money from the internet are not really long-term and healthy, but how to make money from the internet.More nonsensical, no sustainability, no experience or knowledge to improve yourself

On top of that, under the promise of monetization, it is just nonsense mobile applications (earn money by stepping vs) that try to console and satisfy you with very small amounts of inefficient methods.

Yeah, nonsense!

You can understand what I mean by going to google by making money on the internet and browsing all the other content and youtube videos on the first page.

However, this article will be very different from other internet monetization articles and videos !


In this article, I will talk to you about the most assured methods where you can get the healthiest results on the internet !

In this article I guarantee you 2 things! 
1- The 35 methods of making money on the internet, which I listed below, will consist of the healthiest and most assured methods in which you can actually make money .

1- Blogging: This is my method of making money on the internet. In fact, thanks to the income I received from my blog, I left my full-time job  as a white-collar worker in  2016 and since then I have only been doing this job.

I mean, I make a living on my blog.

There are many ways and methods of making money by writing blogs. I explained what these things are in my article titled Monetization by blogging . In addition, 10 thousand pounds per month in the writing blog of the earnings of people who have screenshots are available.


There are 10,000 pounds a month on the internet by writing blogs , 50,000 pounds. Both in Turkey. How do I know? Because I had the opportunity to meet and make friends with all these people through my blog.

Regardless of what you write about the subject you can do quality work as long as you write blog blogs I can say absolutely guaranteed money. For instance, there  just mentioned and how much money they have earned their trip blog.

So there are hundreds of different topics and categories that can be written on it. If you want to make a blog on the internet to make money, you can take the first step by following how to open a blog . I already told you every can check here infomation about internetten para kazanma.

In the meantime, don’t be afraid. Because blogging does not require any technical knowledge or coding knowledge as you think so   You can manage your blog just as it uses a word, excel program. In today’s technology, opening a blog is much easier than you might think.

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