What is the Bustabit Social Graph Game?

On the off chance that you’ve been showing English in Korea for some time, or simply living in Korea when all is said in done, at that point you without a doubt more likely than not go over one of these Korean hand games previously.


Kai Bai Bo is the massively famous Korean of Rock, Paper, Scissors, while Di Bi Di Bi Dip is the thing that you saw Martina play with her understudies for the High School Festival Bunny Games, and Zero (or Jero) is another prominent game that we simply happen to play against one another when we’re exhausted.

We need to acquaint you with them today, yet with a turn! Demonstrating the games without anyone else may exhaust, so we’ve arranged a few disciplines for the washouts. Muahahaha! On the whole, the games:

Kai Bai Boh, 가위바위볒 (here and there articulated Gawi Bawi Bo) is simply Rock, Paper, Scissors, aside from it has heaps of varieties to it. In case you’re stressed over playing against a con artist who peruses your hand and afterward switches up his/her answer, you can play it consecutive, and set up your stone, paper, or scissors over your head.

Or on the other hand, on the off chance that you have multiple individuals playing, you can in any case all play together in an end competition of sorts. Along these lines, with four individuals, on the off chance that everybody has something else, at that point nobody wins. Yet, on the off chance that there are just shakes and papers tossed, at that point the stones are dispensed with and just the papers go on, until one victor is pronounced. Great occasions!

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