When the captain leaves the ship …

When the captain leaves the ship …

Once Fabio Capello destroyed Emile Heskey. We had dinner, Emile was waiting in the queue with the plate and suddenly the phone rang. FC threw some dishes on the floor, people froze for a moment, and he yelled: Ku ** a, we have 30 minutes a day to sit down and eat together. And what do you do? You can not even respect it.

The appearance of the phone changed the key part of the relationship between the footballer and the supporter. The autograph went away. Today, the most important is selfie.

One situation always entertains me. I’m going to dinner with my family. I see someone sneaking in and trying to take a picture, but pretends not to care. However, she forgets to turn off the flash and I think: I have you! I usually smile and say: are you ashamed now?

About footballers’ homes

Every footballer has an aquarium at home today. One of my colleagues decided to be special. His aquarium was gigantic. Bigger than my living room. Sharks were swimming in it. Yes, I saw two sharks there! Some people really have uneven ceiling.

Currently, Premier League players’ homes are the same and look like clones. You feel in them like in a spaceship. You take off your shoes and you do not feel the wood under your feet.

Everywhere you see the same: a gigantic TV, Play Station plugged in, closets that have never been opened, extensive and open kitchens where nothing was cooked (why, if you can order?), Utensils that nobody used.

 You will also see a football field. Created by the father as if for a son, and really only serves him. Believe me, I used to go on barbecues many times and I did not see children kicking the ball on these evenly mowed lawns.You can get this right here without cost 먹튀.

I noticed the fathers who threw the ball into the basket installed in the garden and asked others to record it. Then they chose the best throw and placed it on Instagram. They chose one successful attempt for 100.

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